Editor’s Note: Shame on me!

For a good month now I’ve been meaning to introduce you to Katherine Koman, Liberty Through Wealth‘s brand-new Assistant Managing Editor.

(I have no good excuses as to why I’ve been so delinquent, so I won’t make any here now.)

Katherine hails from the great University of Maryland. I could tell you about her internships and GPA… but some of the coolest things about her are that she reads 52 books a year (yes, that’s one per week!) and is keeping the art of knitting alive among the younger generations.

Last week’s poll question about President Trump was a doozy. Below, Katherine recaps what you told us…

– Donna DiVenuto-Ball, Senior Managing Editor

The ConunTrump

It’s important to us to give you a chance to speak your minds about the news affecting us all.

Last week, we asked very simply what you thought about President Trump.

(Your answers, on the other hand, weren’t so simple.)

And like the rest of the country, you either really hate President Trump… or really love him.

In fact, 38% of respondents are very happy with what he’s doing. Another 15.8% are somewhere in the middle, indicating they like his policies but not his rhetoric. Conversely, 26.4% maintain they’ve disliked him from the start. And 3.7% feel disappointed by him.

But the write-in answers are where things get truly extreme…

One reader feels President Trump is the worst president in history, while another said he’s the best president this country has ever seen.

This intense divide is present throughout the country at the moment, leading many to refuse to discuss their politics in order to avoid charged conversations. Many surround themselves with only like-minded individuals… ensuring they never have to worry about someone disagreeing with them.

Unfortunately, this also ensures their opinions are never challenged, so they rarely see things from another perspective.

We hope these results demonstrate that Liberty Through Wealth is keeping above the fray and speaking to minds across the spectrum. Because although you have strong opinions, at least they are diverse opinions.

Please continue to keep those opinions coming by answering our polls, posting to our Facebook page and commenting directly on our articles!

Who knows… we may all just learn something.

Good investing,

Katherine Koman, Assistant Managing Editor

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