ETFs: Exciting Thoughts for the Future of Investing

The week of September 17, we asked what you thought about exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The Oxford Club’s ETF Strategist Nicholas Vardy firmly believes ETFs are a great and exciting way to build your wealth… and we wanted to see if you agreed.

Turns out, you do!

Two-thirds of those polled have a positive view of ETFs. And almost 57% said that ETFs either complement other asset classes in their portfolio or are versatile enough to build serious wealth.

Very few of those polled expressed an outright negative view of ETFs. In fact, not a single person responded that ETFs were boring or useless. However, some readers expressed confusion surrounding ETFs.

Although ETFs might seem overwhelming or complicated at first, Nicholas simplifies the many benefits of ETF investing. Specifically, he details six advantages that ETFs have over their mutual fund counterparts. (This is particularly important as around 11% of you think ETFs and mutual funds are basically the same thing. FYI, they’re not!)

He also explores how ETFs can offer you a form of insurance on your investments in the event of a market downturn.

To put it simply, ETF investing is a great option for building your wealth. ETFs offer built-in diversification, are cheaper and more liquid than mutual funds, and are just as exciting as individual stocks (if not more so).

It seems our readers understand this, putting you, as usual, ahead of the curve.

Good investing,