Retiring and moving onto the next stage of life is a welcome sight for most people, but living out a happy retirement takes effort and planning. Here are 11 tips along with some resources to help you achieve that goal.

11 Happy Retirement Tips

  1. Plan Financially For a Happy Retirement

Retirement should not revolve entirely around your finances, but if they run short at the end of each month, it certainly can add stress to what should be a wonderful time in life. Here are some free and for-fee resources are…

You can also use investing tools such as a dividend reinvestment calculator to see the value of future investments with and without reinvesting dividends.

  1. Keep in Touch

Have a social network. After leaving the office where you have had constant contacts for many years, retirement may mean you have to reach out to family, friends, or other people. Here are some opportunities to keep socially active…

  • Continuing education
  • Volunteering
  • Community events and organizations

Sending cards is also a great way to stay in touch. If you know someone retiring soon, happy retirement wishes go a long way. You can stay connected with old coworkers.

  1. Stay Healthy

Retirement is the time you can travel or work on projects of your own choosing, and being able to do those things comfortably will require you to take care of yourself. Keep up with regular checkups, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly. Moderation is the key to food and exercise, so enjoy everything, just not all at once.

  1. Don’t Throw Away the Alarm Clark

You do not necessarily have to wake up early, but it is healthy to keep some type of schedule. Having a schedule means, you have a purpose and a reason to get out of bed. Have some future events planned, keep a calendar, and try to fill a few days with schedule appointments and meetings.

  1. Rest and Relax

Retirement may throw your sleeping pattern off. Some common issues that interrupt a happy retirement are not being able to go to sleep or restless sleep. Without adequate rest, the whole day can drag on in a fog. Some tips to help get a good night’s rest are…

  • Limit alcohol beverages late in the evening
  • Get plenty of exercise during the day
  • Sleep in a cool room
  • Stay away from bright screens before sleep
  1. Read and Learn

Staying mentally sharp is a goal of many retirees. It is essential to keep your brain challenged. Reading is one way to do that, and it is one of the cheapest methods since books are free at libraries. Some other things to try are…

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Crosswords
  • Card games

You can set up game nights with friends. It keeps the mind active and improves social ties. You can also do this on a low budget.

  1. Declutter and Organize

Retirement is the perfect time to clean out your desk, closet, and garage. Most people collect things from the office and schools throughout the years. Before retirement, there was no time to deal with them. Decluttering can be refreshing and open up some space for new hobbies. Donate any useful items to charities.

Decluttering and organizing can help lead to a happy retirement. It will make things easier for both you and your family.

  1. Vote or Watch Sports

Being part of a community is important. It goes hand in hand with socializing. Some easy ways to stay part of a larger group include keeping up with your political party or your favorite sports team.

  1. Cook

Nutrition is one area that can slip through the cracks. Diet plays a significant role in staying healthy. Cooking real food at home means you will be getting quality ingredients. Pick up a cookbook or watch cooking programs to get inspiring ideas. If you need help, find out if your city has a Meals on Wheels program or senior cafeteria.

  1. Have Pets or Plants

Harvard Medical School reported that having a pet increased the quality of life for most people. Having a dog may get you out for walks and to dog parks to visit other dog owners. If you do not want a pet or cannot have animals, plants can be an alternative. Caring for potted plants, herbs, flowers or an entire garden can be as rewarding, and you can share the extra fruits, vegetables, or flowers.

  1. Technology

Don’t lose touch with technology. That does not mean you have to be on every social network ever made, but you do want to be aware of apps or devices that might benefit you. Local libraries often offer classes that teach new computer skills.

These 11 tips cover activities and hobbies that will help foster a long and happy retirement. If you have any comments, please share below. You can also access more retirement planning info by clicking here.